Accessibility Statement



The Holiday Cottages on the estate are listed buildings and have statutory obligations and limitations in terms of design and conversion details, which can restrict guests with severe access issues.

Enquiries and bookings can be made directly on-line, by email or by phone (including mobile).
The nearest regional train station is Whitchurch – 4 miles away, and the nearest mainline train station is Crewe, on the West Coast Line, 11 miles away. There are accessible taxis at the station.

A pre-arrival welcome pack to the main cottage complex at the Stables is sent to each guest informing them of the directions to the estate (sat-nav is unreliable), arrival and access procedures and codes. The separate pack for Stone Lodge, our stand alone cottage outlines the different access and entry information. The Housekeeper will be in touch with them by phone if arrival is delayed past 6pm.



Combermere Abbey Cottages are located in a rural location, and electronic gates are in operation from 6pm to 8am each weekday and during the weekends at the entrance to the estate. Guests are given the entry code in the welcome pack as well as a map of the cottages identifying the entry point to their cottage. A Fob is attached to the key of the cottage for easy access during their stay. The drive to the complex of cottages is one mile long on a tarmac drive. The entrance to the Stone Lodge cottage is outside the entrance to the main estate and clearly marked.


Stone Lodge: guests drive up a short 15 yd drive off the main road into a private parking area. The path (designed for wheelchair guests) is down a gentle slope to the terrace leading to the front door.

The Stables Courtyard Cottages: guests travel down a mile long tarmac drive and follow signs to the tarmac surfaced car park. They are given a clear map showing where the key to their cottage is located. All the cottages, with exception of Wellington, have two entry doors, from the external car parks and the interior courtyard. The car parks for the respective cottages are clearly identified, and there are designated spaces for disabled visitors. Cars are permitted in the central courtyard to unload for all cottages except Wellington Cottage but must park in the designated car parks once unloaded. The maximum distance between the car parking and any cottage entrance is 30 yards. Alternative access to all the courtyard cottage doors is across a cobblestone courtyard. This is on one level, but is somewhat uneven in places – due to its listed status, it cannot be replaced.

Access from the main parking area for Crossley is directly off the car park; Cotton and Wellington cottages are via their private gardens and along lit pathways to the front entrance. Access to Beckett, Stapleton, Callander and Malbanc are via a lit pathway down a gentle slope to their back doors. These are gravel paths and not reliably accessible for wheelchairs. Stapleton can be accessed for wheelchairs from the main cobblestone courtyard. Poole and Empress cottages entrances are on a flat surface from their private parking area. Several of our cottages have ground floor bedrooms and bathrooms and are used regularly by guests with less severe disability issues. All the doors are wider than average, being the original stable doors. There are 1” threshes into the cottages from both entrances.


All cottages are equipped with detailed information books, giving mobile phone numbers for the Housekeeper, Estate Owner and Maintenance Manager. Important information is also available outside the main administration office, which is open at clearly identified times.