The Gardens


The Walled Gardens

The Walled Gardens at Combermere Abbey are a remarkable testament to a way of life which almost completely disappeared between the 1st and 2nd World Wars.  They comprise three large gardens, two rectangular and one semi-circular and a total size of five and a half acres.

Since 1992 these spaces have been lovingly restored by the current owners after several years of non-horticultural use and gradual decline into disrepair. During this time the majority of the original greenhouses were lost, but exciting new uses have been found and each garden has been approached completely differently and new life has been breathed back into them.


The Pleasure Garden

This lovely space is populated with wonderful specimen trees which would have been brought back from overseas adventures during the late 19th century.  Majestic Wellingtonia, Cedar of Lebanon, Swamp Cyprus and Magnolia as well as an orchard of Lord Combermere apple trees are supported by a recently added Tulip Tree avenue, Willow Walk (perfect for meditation), Handkerchief Trees and Maples.  It is a relaxing and uplifting place to wander echoing its earlier use as a place for a constitutional walk after meals.


The Garden Wood

The restoration of this wonderful ancient woodland, a stone’s throw from the Cottages, began in 2002 to celebrate one of the current owner’s big birthdays!!  Full of ancient hornbeam, beech and oaks this space with its views directly onto the lake, and its central ride needed lots of attention.  Planned as a three stage project, we have successfully concluded the first part – cleaning scrub and second growth trees, opening up new walks to the Mere, creating viewing places to enjoy the wildlife and views. This year we are beginning the second phase with essential drainage works, and replacing trees lost to storm damage in the past 24th months.