This section of the website gives visitors an opportunity to gain important knowledge about where we are, how to find us, what's going on locally and at Combermere.  It also highlights attractions and activities of interest in the four nearest counties.  Below is a short description of what can be found under each side section in this category. 

Any queries during or after your stay, then please get in touch with us on 01948 660345.
If you have any questions about tours or public access please call the Estate Office on 01948 662880.

RECOMMENDATIONS:  If you go somewhere you have enjoyed do let us know about it.  Nothing like a personal recommendation.

LOCATION: This explains exactly where we are, how to get to us and provides a map and written directions which can be downloaded. 

WHAT'S ON: Events happening locally, important tourist attractions for all ages, and links to each one.  The Around and About section highlights these by county, and the At Combermere section identifies estate events and dates happening during the year. 

And there'll be plenty of sights and sounds for your nearest and dearest to take in..the estate is exquisite! 

JR Harpin - Country and Border Life